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Positive character traits: 20 qualities of happy people

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Warren Susman, the esteemed author, and historian, once wrote about how the word “character” was one of the most important words in 19th century English vocabulary.

It was crucial to society at the time to promote the idea of having good character—it was the one thing that could stand the test of time and define who you were as an individual.

But this emphasis shifted over the decades, as society transformed from one that valued character and good virtue to one of material and entertainment.

Developing these characteristics that would make you a good person became outdated ideas; even the role models of today barely showcase the “character” that we once loved and respected.

At Hack Spirit, we often talk about the importance of taking responsibility for your life and living with integrity.

Fortunately, there’s no reason why you can’t emphasize your own character development, which is inextricably associated with your happiness.

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