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Positive culture is a major key to success.

Source | LinkedIn | Daniel Haley | Managing Director at GW Power-Safe

As contractors we need to refocus on company culture!

The Mechanical and Electrical industry is notoriously old-fashioned, has high staff turnover and because it focuses on financial rewards over other benefits, this means that competitors often poach staff with the promise of more money.

I know from experience that engineers can be regarded as a tool for the business, rather than a human being. But I am pleased to see that times are changing as younger people come in, believing a rewarding career is about so much more than money. Therefore, to be a successful business, employers have to adapt accordingly.

As a team we have put a lot of effort into creating a positive workplace culture at GW Power-Safe. We support people who are ambitious and I feel this has contributed to us having a happy working environment, great staff retention and open lines of communication.

Some of the key elements include:

  • Connecting team and brand – we all feel proud to be part of it.
  • If employees have good rapport with a client, we make sure they go back to do future jobs to keep the connection.
  • Our team talk about their experience which makes others want to work here too.

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