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Post-Covid employment scene: Hot, upcoming jobs that are all the rage & jobs that face salary stagnation

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A latest comprehensive survey of the India employment scene has been released by TeamLease NSE 0.22 % Services, one of the country’s leading HR companies. The “Jobs and Salaries Primer 2021” captures the post-Covid jobs trend in India, highlighting such aspects as how the pandemic has changed the employment scenario, upcoming hot opportunities, jobs that are currently all the rage, and jobs that stare at salary stagnation.

The survey underlines how the pressing need to innovate led to the creation of a number of ‘hot’ employment opportunities. Of the 17 sectors surveyed, five created new hot jobs and seven witnessed a flurry of new upcoming ones, it says.

The ‘hottest hot jobs’ category includes Artificial Intelligence Specialist – (BPO and IT Enabled Services), Augmented Reality Expert – (Ecommerce and Tech Start-ups), Genomic Portfolio Director – (Healthcare and Allied Industries), Master Edge Computing – (Information Technology and Knowledge Services) and Digital Imaging Leader – (Retail).

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