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Power Changes You, And That Can Make Or Break Your Ability To Lead

Source | | Caterina Bulgarella

Power is the one currency that all leaders have, but it is also one of the most misunderstood assets in leadership. How leaders relate to power, and their beliefs about effective leadership, are two hidden factors that shape their ability to maintain an ethical focus while guiding business through change and continued growth.

Studies show that the accrual and exercise of power often come at the cost of disconnecting from others and losing the ability to take perspective. In other words, not only are leaders liable to become less empathetic as they accumulate power, but they are also likely to grow more self-entitled. And even though most leaders arrive at positions of power by building relationships and working with others along the way, once they settle in their powerful roles, they may forget the behaviors that made them influential in the first place.

Why? When we are powerless, we need to work with others to achieve goals and results, but when we are powerful, we can expect others to work for us to accomplish what we want. Having power creates new expectations. It insulates us and erodes the need to connect with those around us. But not all leaders relate to power in the same way.

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