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Power of shackles

By | Parna Bhattacharyya | Manager – Learning and Talent Global Business Services at ABB and Writer

Tonight I am going to tell you the tale of 2 birds. Goldie and Freedo.

Goldie was captured when he was very small and was presented to the king. The king kept Goldie in a beautiful golden cage. Goldie was shackled and caged in the king’s+99 chamber. Every morning he used to wake up before the King and looked out of the window. And tried to look as far as his eyes could see. Then closing his eyes he sang beautifully.

Goldie become so famous that one day the King got an invitation from the Kings of the neighboring lands to bring Goldie for a singing competition with a free bird called Freedo from the forest. Freedo was famous for his singing ability. His songs used to refresh the tired travelers within no time.

Many argued that how can a caged bird compete with a bird who came from the forest. The bird who is free will win the show!!

But on the day of the competition Goldie bewildered everyone. His song was just out of the world. His tune mesmerized everyone.

Everybody asked: Goldie tell us how are you able to sing so well?

Goldie looked at this shackles and replied:

– Because of my shackles.

Dear friends. In our life we feel that we are unable to show our true potential because of some shackle or the other. The shackles of responsibilities, shackles of low finance, shackles of low designation, shackles of high work pressure. But the reality is, shakes and chains are the real motivators. They build your muscles and hunger.

So friends no matter what pulls you down if you have a will you can still do it. So list down the shackles of your life and then list down what u want to achieve. Then get, set, ready on your mark and go. The race will be yours as you will emerge as a champion!!!! All the very best !!

Republished with permission and originally published at Parna Bhattacharyya’s LinkedIn

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