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Practice makes Permanent

Source | LinkedIn : By Manoj Prabhu

Indra, King of Gods, along with his entourage of Menka and Ramba, descended on the earth for a “recuperating session”. While he was on a Yacht cruise, listening to funky music, one of those fishing trawlers cruised by, causing a bit of a wave. The Yacht rocked, the single malt spilt all over Him, and an Angry Indra roared at the fishing trawler. The fisherman just waved back and said: “Take a chill pill, man!”

An infuriated Indra cursed: “Let there be no rain for the next 18 years!”

The farmers ran to Indra. “My lord! As it is, agricultural land is diminishing. Our livelihood depends on rain. We have done nothing to bring upon discomfort to you. Please be kind enough to take back your curse.” They pleaded. After much cajoling and an offer of a full bottle of imported Single Malt, Indra relented. But He was not willing to take back the curse. So He decreed: “If Bhole Nath, (Simple Minded Naïve) Shiva plays His Damaru, you people will have your rain. He codified His decree into the Universe of Things, and with a wave of His hand, dismissed the farmers, and went back to His party.

The farmers made their way to Bhole Nath. And Indra, the Kind of God, called up Bhole Nath. “I have a request to make My Lord! I have promised Ramba and Menka that I will request you not to play the Damaru for the next 18 years. Please be kind enough to oblige.” Strange though the request was, Shiva relented, and agreed. And the farmers came with the request that He play his Damaru! Shiva refused, as he had already promised Indra not to play it for the next 18 years.

Dejected farmers went back home. A Maha Panchayat was called and discussions were on: How do we survive for 18 years without rain? An external consultant was hired to run a Large Scale Intervention to come up with ideas. The consultant said that it will take about 3 months to take shape.

While all this was going on, a small group of farmers started tilling their field and tending to it. They did what all farmers do to prepare the field for sowing, and even ensured that there was no block to the flowing canal. For the next 3 weeks, this group would wake up early, and start their work. Their wives would bring food in the afternoon. They took rest after lunch and they worked till evening.


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