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Practising Behaviour

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We often try to be nice to other people. We practice good behaviour. And it often happens, we try not to be angry and we often fail.

Even when we are feeling angry, we try keeping a smile on our face. A volcano is erupting inside and we are showing compassion and forgiveness outside. I think our “nice behaviour” is false.

Transformation is not possible by some mind control. At the most, we succeed in suppressing our true feelings and try to paint a fake picture. But a point to note is that for how long can you suppress? One day it will blast. A lot of people who try to suppress their anger either blast or go into depression. For example, if water is flowing and you stop the main way then it will look for some other way to flow. It will change its route. Hence, behaviour controlled by mind is suppression not transformation. And suppression is not healthy.

Reading a book or listening to someone is imitating the principles of good behaviour. It is just practicing a fake smile when we are angry inside. So just intellectual understanding about something wouldn’t transform our character or behavior. It wouldn’t transform us. So what to do? When something deep happens, then the inner being transforms. And then the outside behaviour changes spontaneously and effortlessly. Don’t try to polish the leaves, work on the roots and flowers will automatically bloom. You must have noticed that when we are happy, our behaviour changes. And when we are sad, we behave differently.

So, how can we transform our inner being? When we are peaceful inside, we emanate peace and beauty. The art of creating beauty in our inner being is meditation. Meditation works very deep into our inner being. We become peaceful. And the by- product of such inner state of being changes the outside behaviour.

I’ve seen the transformation inside me over time and it is an ongoing process. Start meditating and see for yourself.

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