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Pre-Employment Testing

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Employees are the building blocks for any company. Can you imagine what will happen if the bricks which make up your building are of the wrong size? 

The entire building will collapse!

Just like a company would collapse if the employees are not a good fit. 

What’s the best way to go about it then? 

When all companies are trying to get the best talent to work for them, how do you ensure your company gets the right talent? 

Read on to know why is it essential to make pre-employment tests a part of your recruitment process. 

Understanding Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment tests simply put, is a tool used to screen applicants. Just like universities use specially designed tests to screen students and decide which ones will be able to keep up and fit in, a pre-employment test assesses the individual to determine their skills and fit in the company. It may test the cognitive ability, personality, emotional intelligence, language proficiency along with work skills, motor, and physical abilities and even the integrity of the applicants. 

Types of Pre-Employment Tests

82% of Fortune 500 companies use pre-employment testing. Though the forms of the tests may differ, they form a part of their recruitment process. These tests can be of multiple types, you can pick one or combine them for effective recruitment depending on your needs. 

Pre-employment test stats

Here is a quick list of the types available:

Job knowledge tests: 

These tests are suitable for screening candidates for specialized job profiles- for example, a software engineer. These tests then will contain questions testing knowledge to determine if he is a good engineer or not. 

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