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Pre-Placement Talks during Campus Placement

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Campus Recruitment has always been a great opportunity for organizations to engage with young talent. These talented millenials are sought after in order to infuse new ideas and energy into companies. Yet, in a recent study by HBR, 92% organization acknowledged their ‘brand problem’ when it came to campus recruitment and university hiring.

On the other hand, more than three out of four final year students remained unsatisfied with their experience during Campus placement. From a lack of clarity on the shortlisting criteria to vague job descriptions, students have often been left high and dry by companies coming for campus recruitment. 

In order to delve deep and understand this expectation mismatch in Campus RecruitmentXobin polled over 1500+ final year students across various universities and cities of India. 

Here are the results and suggestions on improving your Campus recruitment process

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to sit for hours and listen about past performance, awards, and the comfortable work environment of the organization. 

Its important to excite the students about the work profile/job role being offering during campus placement. And most importantly the criteria of shortlisting during the campus recruitment process.

Pre-Placement Talks during campus placement

The result from the survey asserted this fact was more than 76% of them said that Pre-Placement talks during the hiring process are worth attending only if the engagement is about job roles, skills required and laying out a roadmap for their growth in that role.

PPT’s during the campus hiring process is the best way for the organization, recruiters and the candidates to come on the same platform and get to know about each other’s expectations. It shouldn’t be a bragging event where they try to lure the candidates with their brand, size, and money. So, the real focus should be:

Give Value, to Get Value!

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