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Presence of Mind – 3 characteristics that help in difficult times

Source | | Sanjay Rao Chaganti

In this scene from  ‘Live and Let Die,’ a classic James Bond movie, the famous secret service agent is marooned on a very small island with crocodiles surrounding him. Bond tries to use his magnetic watch to get a metal boat towards him, but it fails. The crocodiles are getting closer.

Bond has just some moments to act….! What does he do?

Not surprisingly, Bond does what generations have expected from this iconic character – he escapes. But it is the manner of his escape that sets James Bond apart. He jumps on to one crocodile and then on to another, to get to safety!

And audiences around the world cheered!

While, the James Bond character epitomizes many admirable traits, it is his presence of mind that has not only won him legions of followers across generations, but also spawned so many pale imitations.

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