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Prioritizing employee wellness in workplace: Embracing fertility benefits, ETHRWorld |

<p>Shiv Kumar, Head - Human Resources, Merck India</p>
Shiv Kumar, Head – Human Resources, Merck India

In the last few years, the modern workplace has developed dramatically, shifting from vanity to wellness and becoming more comprehensive and purposeful.

Previously, employee wellness was often associated with higher salaries, bonuses, or vacations as an escape. However, as time has passed, especially with the impact of the pandemic, our understanding of employee wellness has shifted towards focusing on overall wellbeing rather than temporary escapes. Consequently, corporations are actively seeking to identify gaps in existing employee wellness strategies and make necessary adjustments to better support and care for their employees.

An emerging gap that many companies are trying to address in employee wellness is fertility benefits. Speaking about infertility would have been taboo a few years ago, but when it takes the form of an employee benefit, it is a clear indication that fertility concerns are widespread and need due attention.

Contrary to the misconception that younger individuals avoid discussing fertility or family planning, recent Carrot survey findings show Millennials and Generation Z highly value fertility benefits. About 77% would stay with a company offering such benefits, and many would consider changing jobs for better packages. In addition to family planning, extensive health benefits offered by employers empower individuals starting their careers to understand…

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