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Professionals Want a Boss With These 5 Traits, According to LinkedIn

Find a manager who embodies these key skills and characteristics and you’ve hit the employee jackpot

Source | | Maggie Seaver

Your boss’s personality and skill set can absolutely make or break your work experience. That’s why the career advice “choose your boss, not your job” rings so true for so many people. Good leaders set the tone for a positive work culture, and in order for employees to feel both motivated and appreciated, their direct manager needs to possess a very certain set of professional and interpersonal skills.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for the best boss—but according to some illuminating LinkedIn Learning data, we have a glimpse into the top five skills professionals want most from a manager.

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1. Problem Solving: This particular managerial skill is by far the most important to employees. According to LinkedIn Learning stats, 68 percent of professionals want a boss who’s all about finding smart solutions to problems large and small. It makes sense: The better a problem-solver they are, the less likely they’ll be to foist said problems onto their direct reports.

2. Time Management: Forty-four percent named time management the second most crucial characteristic managers need to run a team effectively. A good boss will know how to manage their own time in such a way that positively impacts direct reports thanks to strategic delegating and leading by example.

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