Prophecy – The Success Factor

[ad_1] Immediate, short term and long term plans plus implementing them is part of the human journey. This process could include carrying for the needs of a family to a high level corporate strategy. Let me take the initiative here and name such areas as recreational, educational, research, financial, careers, global issues, human suffering and the spiritual needs of mankind. There of course are wide ranges of application with every life situation. Prophesy can bring a supernatural edge into life's journey that will ensure success. Few have made this discovery but the supernatural application of prophecy is now poised to impact society in unpretented ways. When it does it will bring great advantages to those who access this prophetic resource.

First let me describe a leader as someone who takes initiative to resolve lives journey rather than someone who lets circumstances dictate that journey and because of that initiative the journey takes him or her where they intend. The difficulty with life's journey is the unpredictable and untimely circumstances that intrude into our lives. Most of us have had set backs that came at us. We learn to survive and go on but what if we were able to tap into a supernatural GPS (global positioning system) that would successfully navigate us through these unpredictable events and turn them into opportunities to our advantage? Prophesy is that navigation system because it brings a supernatural resource to us that shifts us into a position where we gain instead of lose.

Are you ready for this? It takes willingness to learn the quick changes in information technology (IT) if we are to keep pace in that field. So it is with prophecy. There is a learning curve but it brings results that are more than trendy. They are cutting edge. The results of being in step with a working prophetic resource assures success. The prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit can equip us for the most difficult of life's challenges and bringing us…

Sourced from by Keith A. Paul

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