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Proven ways to set your business up for success ahead of a recession

Founder of The Entourage Jack Delosa believes that businesses should not be sucked into a narrative of doom and gloom. Here’s what they should do instead

By | Marlena Batchelor |

As the guiding light of The Entourage, Australia’s largest business coaching provider, Jack Delosa navigated his biggest career challenge in 2016 when the government cut back on funding for students – a decision that forced the founder to make drastic changes in order to survive.

“We were three months away from losing A$900,000 [US$622,900] a month and we had to go from 90 people down to 40 people, which we had to do in a matter of days,” he explains. “It was a torturous process to go through, particularly, when you’ve got a culture like ours.”

Three years later the entrepreneur and investor recalls that the business was more profitable than ever despite these enormous setbacks. And, while the COVID-19 pandemic presented its own obstacles, Delosa has become well versed at overcoming any business challenge that crosses his path.

With a member base close to 500,000 and contributing more than US$1.4 billion to these businesses, The Entourage is highly competent at recognising a company’s core constraints and helping it to become more profitable.

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