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Proximity jobs

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

1. Proximity jobs

Beyond tech there will be another dimension that will impact jobs that will get automated says McKinsey’s research. The jobs that need people to be in close proximity will be an additional element that will impact transformation in a post pandemic world. Think of these as “Proximity Jobs”.

“Jobs in work arenas with higher levels of physical proximity are likely to see greater transformation after the pandemic, triggering knock-on effects in other work arenas as business models shift in response.”

Why does it matter?

Proximity is an important way in which humans decide to trust someone. It forms the basis of many critical roles in every sector where trust forms the first step of the equation and sometimes the final step. When some of these experiences disappear or get modified, it impacts the most fundamental value of what makes us human.

What are some “Proximity Jobs” that will shift?

  • The on-site customer interaction in retail stores, banks, and post offices, among other places. Some work in this arena migrated to e-commerce and other digital transactions, a behavioural change that is likely to stick. That changes the way we experience in-store shopping. It will impact how we experience caregiving in hospitals.

  • Customer-facing workers in hotels, restaurants, airports, and entertainment venues. In the longer term, the shift to remote work and related reduction in business travel, as well as automation of some occupations, such as food service roles, may curtail labor demand in this arena.

What happens to office work? There will be huge impact on jobs in the office – that depend on proximity. Several white collar jobs have already changed forever as businesses have learned to do Sales over Zoom calls. Hiring is done by algorithms and onboarding is also done over videoconferences. But there will be more.

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