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Purpose and Meaning: How to Choose the Employer for You

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Much is made of the Millennial generation’s focus on finding purpose and meaning. I don’t think that’s exclusive to a single generation. If you haven’t read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, it’s well worth doing so to get a sense of perspective. This post looks at the why, what, and how of purpose and meaning in the context of getting a good job fit with an employer.

purpose is something that the world wants from you. It’s your driving motivation and your reason for being – it gives you meaning. For example, my purpose is to help young professionals to be employable so they have fulfilling working lives. What does the world want from you? Organisations also have a core purpose. What do you look for in an employer’s purpose and ethics when job and career searching?

Who gets your meaning?

The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others to succeed. Adam Grant

At a personal level, purpose is principally about being of service to others. Your will to succeed depends on how heartfelt and compelling the purpose. It can lie dormant within you and external factors or meaningful experiences light your fire.

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