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Pursuing Your Passion Can Help You Progress Your Career

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Unilever enables its employees to pursue their passions inside and outside work. In my contribution to the LinkedIn Pulse #OutsideWork series, I explain how a six-month career break spent performing on stage has helped me become even more effective in my role.

Last year, I discovered for myself how valuable it can be to work for a company like Unilever that takes a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

I was happily working as an Assistant Brand Manager on the Red Label Natural Caretea brand when I decided on impulse to pursue my passion for theatre and enter open auditions for the Indian production of Beauty and the Beast – Disney’s first ever stage musical and India’s biggest theatrical production.

With over one thousand talented people auditioning beside me competition was high; incredibly, I made it through every round to be offered a leading role as the musical’s chief antagonist, Gaston.

A supportive employer

When I first heard the news, I was of course extremely happy but I also felt some anxiety about how this was going to affect my career. The show was a full-time six-month commitment. How could I accept it without leaving my marketing role and the company I’d been a part of for over four years?

Fortunately, Unilever operates an extensive career break policy, as part of its commitment to employee health and wellbeing. This meant that I was able to throw myself wholeheartedly into my stage role, knowing that there would still be a job available for me when the show’s run came to an end.

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