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Putting people at the center of technology

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Ever since the stone-age we’ve been trying to find better ways of doing things. Inventions from the wheel to computers all have one thing in common. They’re all examples of technology invented by humans to make our lives easier.

The concept of technology empowering people runs throughout our history. Recently we celebrated 50 years of the first Apollo 11 moon landing. It’s hard to believe, Collins, Aldrin and Armstrong, supported by mission control on the ground went all the way to the moon and back with less on-board computing power than the average modern smart phone.

Today, technology has become so advanced that sometimes we need to remind ourselves of its original purpose – to make our lives easier. The pilot of a modern airliner must make quick decisions, collaborate with ground staff, work with the flight crew all while moving at close to the speed of sound. They can’t do this safely or effectively if they’re overloaded with information or don’t have access to information the rest to the team has. Aircraft control and display systems must make sure the crew are fully aware of the important aspects of the flight and are not overloaded with information, so they always know what to do next.

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