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Qualities That Make A Leader Memorable

Source | LinkedIn : By Sandeep Kaul

Key thought:

Leadership is to create the greatest impact/influence and leave a legacy.   This breed of leaders is valued the most; inspired by their courage and resiliency.We seek to model them as they are the most respected.  Leaders that are self-aware are clear about their uniqueness and can be trusted – they are the ones who work as a magnet to attract talent. Great leaders are the most memorable.  They spend their day leveraging their leadership by leading in ways that come naturally to them.  They are memorable and admired because they have their own unique style and way that supports innovation and initiative. They are known for making the workplace culture stronger, unified and collaborative.  The traits below explore what makes great leaders memorable.

  1. Makes people around feel valued

Leaders who are most grateful for your hard work and efforts will be the most memorable for you.   When you feel genuinely treasured – you are not taken for granted, you feel like your extra efforts were worth it.When a leader is insecure or self-absorbed, they overlook about the efforts of others, triggering the top-talent loss and the efforts of others begin to fade.   When leaders value and respect their people, attrition is negligible and people work harder, with a higher sense of purpose, and with a passionate pursuit of excellence.Leadership is all about people and leaders who neglect this are forgotten quickly.

  1. Share their Prudence

Memorable leaders enjoy sharing their prudence and success secrets.   These leaders are great teachers and mentors.   They have unique way of weaving stories that alone make them memorable — but it’s the leadership snippets they share that are appreciated even few years later because they carry the most weight and impact, as you start to get them appreciate.

  1. Authenticity

Most memorable leaders are also most authentic.   They do not believe in playing games or exercise their power plays.  They are transparent as crystal and wear their intentions on their sleeves to make their expectations clear.  Authenticity makes such leaders consistent;they embrace diversity and encourage their people to share their ideas.  They know how to convert clay into a castle.  They encourage an innovation and creative attitude. They are skilled at identifying the unique skill sets that lie within every person – because they place high emphasis on individuality, one’s unique strengths, and they allow employees to have a say and are heard.   They allow their people to discover their own self-esteem and assign those roles and responsibilities where their contributions will enable them to blossom.

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