Are Machines killing intuition?

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Ramesh Ranjan Staff asked 3 years ago

Vipul Mathur, Co – Founder Qilo

Machines killing IntuitionI just read an article – GPS is making our brain dull!!

Well, one of the many technology invasions happing in our lives, killing our intuitive power.

The confidence of old famous “Gut” or “Intuition” is just not there, imagine the impact on decision making without technology.

Look at this scenario in our everyday life, we have drilled down more in excel than the centre of the earth and we rely on machines to take the decision, even if our intuitive power say’s no.

Is this Cognitive Apocalypse?

Machines are learning faster than humans. Their computing abilities are growing at an exponential pace and human brain is getting lazier

Machines have to aid decision-making, not take decisions. Too much reliability is impacting the quality of leadership. What differentiates leaders from managers, is the not just the ability to build beliefs but also on the speed of decision making and owning them. And if machines will be making decisions just imagine who will be the future leader?

It’s imperative for all of us to strike the right balance. At an organisation level if we are trying to build a culture of innovation, first we need to fuel a Cognitive revolution at workplace. The way we think, feel and do, else we would be just doing transactions.

Remember 2007, 20-20 world cup last over, Dhoni giving the ball to Joginder Sharma, I am sure no machine would have predicted that 🙂

So Are Machines killing intuition?

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