Should we encourage Gender based Hiring ?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: The DebateShould we encourage Gender based Hiring ?
Ramesh Ranjan Staff asked 5 years ago

rp_graph-1-01.jpgOff late we are seeing a fanatical quest for Diversity in large Corporate Organizations. The latest hot-button subject in organizations, hotter even than ephemeral apps, is diversity. There is a raging debate about diversity in organizations & the society. In the name of Diversity organisations and the society are going frenzy without realizing the consequences of it.

Organisations are going overboard promoting Diversity like never before. Promoting for the sake of it and in many cases being forced to, by law in India (Mandatory to have Women Directors on the Board). On most occasions it’s being enforced at the cost of the other gender and at the cost of meritocracy akin to the issue of pseudo secularism being practiced by political parties – promoting one & at the cost of the other and denouncing / neglecting the other.

Yes, the call for diversity is increasingly strong, but what is it we’re calling for?

No doubt diversity is important to promote an inclusive culture but not at the cost of merit. One should be conscious of the need to promote diversity but final decision should be based on merit and not influenced by the need to just promote diversity. It’s about promoting a healthy corporate culture with diversity of thought, skills, experience and skill sets and not just gender.

Should we encourage filling up Positions based on Gender ?

sanjana replied 5 years ago

I agree to it. I believe that one must be judged based on his talent, capability, knowledge and merit. I dont think there should be any gender discrimination. It should be curbed and hence shouldn’t be encouraged.

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