Is HR Leader a Controller or an Enabler ?

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Ramesh Ranjan Staff asked 3 years ago

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor

Even after a Century, a lot of organizations are still running HR that same way that they had started; focusing on risk, focusing on compliance, controlling, discipline, union management and in general focusing on the transactional activities.

As technology automates more of the HR tasks that used to be time-consuming and required specialized expertise, companies are also recognizing the growing need to focus more time and attention on the employee experience, company culture, retention, engagement, empowering and enabling employees.

According to Gallup’s 2014 Employee Engagement Poll, only 31.5 percent of  employees are engaged and thriving. The other 68-ish percent aren’t lazy, their disconnectedness stems from feeling unsupported and disempowered at work. They don’t feel valued, have no clear direction and purpose, their accomplishments are unrecognized, and are often times blamed for things beyond their control.

Setting goals towards profitable outcomes is a necessary part of any business strategy, but the focus should be primarily on supporting employees. Many believe that their company’s HR skills are a significant issue, a gap that will need to be accounted for quickly in order to meet the demands of this new era in HR.

Most of the Business Leaders & Employees believe that HR has not evolved significantly as other Functions of Business has evolved. They are still offering yesterdays solutions to tomorrows problems.

They are seen by more and more Leaders & Employees as Controllers and not as Enablers?

What do you think. Do you see HR as a Controller or an Enabler ?

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