Why is HR struggling to develop future leaders

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Ramesh Ranjan Staff asked 12 months ago

By *Valerie Bolden-Barrett  Kathryn Moody*

HR leaders are struggling to develop solid leadership talent, which may derail an organizer’s larger strategies, according to a new report from Gartner, Inc. Based on a survey of 2,800 HR practitioners, Gartner found that a third surveyed struggled with developing future senior leaders and 45% struggled with filling mid-level management positions — situations that Gartner said create “leadership bench instability.
Leadership PipelineOnly half of surveyed CHROs felt “well-equipped” to lead their organizations into the future, problematic for companies that face a quick-changing business climate. Gartner pointed out a few issues with current succession planning, including that current planning is often based on already-existing roles, which could miss the mark for future needs. The leadership pipeline is often “homogeneous,” too, Gartner noted, especially as evidence continues to show that businesses with more diverse workforces rank better in performance.
Gartner said that the average organization experiences five company-wide changes in three years, and that 73% can expect even more changes in the future.
“HR leaders need to ensure that their succession pipeline prepares candidates to execute against current as well as future business needs. Organizations can use scenario planning to identify likely future experiences that executives will need to address as the company evolves,” Gartner said.
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