Will Work from Home be the New Normal?

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Ramesh Ranjan Staff asked 1 year ago

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor http://www.humanengineers.com

Currently we are dealing with a very serious Pandemic disease – COVID 19 or the Corona Virus. It has literally brought the world to a standstill as scientists, doctors and administrators are grappling with the situation on how to save lives and restore normalcy at the earliest. This has been one of the most significant shutdown in the history of mankind.

The situation has demanded that we self quarantine as it has been found that Social distancing is the only way to combat this deadly virus attach. This has perforce mandated that people stay at home.

It has also meant that in order to ensure Business Continuity, employees are required to work from home. Millions of employees now work from home and are holding the fort for their companies and its customers.

A survey conducted by Indeed UK based – shows an astonishing fact that 48% of employees will change their current job if other companies allows them to work from home. And 53% of respondents are even ready to take salary cut in return of option to work from home.

The remote working/work from home is the ultimate in flexibility and balances work & life seamlessly. “The future workplace may, and is in fact likely to be a virtual space,” Memoori wrote in their Future workplace report.

The future has already been sneaking in parts upon us but with the advent of COVID19 pandemic, it seems inevitable that it will be a key characteristic of the Future of Work .

Will Work from Home be the New Normal?


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