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By | Shital Kakkar Mehra | Executive Presence Coach for CEOs I Business Communication Expert I Best-selling Author I Co-Founder Katalyst, NGO

The saying that goes as “Human being is a social animal” is very much accurate. And, there are certain protocols that are needed to be followed everywhere – be it your habitat or workplace. It is necessary for every individual to act with some etiquette. The literal meaning of etiquette is the code of manners that aid an individual to behave sensibly and aptly with people at any place.

Talking about corporate etiquette, it means to bring before you a set of norms that are essential for an individual to follow at his workplace. One must respect his organization and maintain the decorum of the place.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that are worthy reading.

The Do’s:  

·        Make sure that you log in and log out of the office in time unless some urgencies.

·        Adhere to the policies of the organization.

·        Maintain discipline at the workplace.

·        Wear formal wear to work instead of jeans and tees. Females should not wear revealing clothes.

·        Respect your fellow workers and co-operate with them.

·        Keep your mobile phone at the lowest volume or vibrate mode.

·        Always try to communicate with your colleagues through e-mails.

·        Attend the meetings and seminars with a pen and a notepad.

·        Turn off your computer before you log out.

The Don’ts:

·        Do not ever carry a casual attitude at work

·        Keep yourself away from office politics

·        Do not drink or smoke in the office premises

·        Never talk anything about anyone behind them

·        Do not fail on your commitments

·        Attitude matters a lot. Do not lose control over your emotions

Workplaces differ from many angles. Some companies are very strict about the formalities including everything from dress codes to how people interact with each other, while many companies have very casual type of work environment. Hence, when you make a shift from one company to another, you should take care to abide by the corporate etiquette followed in the company and perform the work that you’ve hired for. 

Republished with permission and originally published at Shital Kakkar Mehra’s LinkedIn

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