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Quitting your job? You may be banned from rejoining

Indian companies are now going tough on those who quit a job for better prospects by barring these workers from rejoining in the future

Source | | M Saraswathy

A senior executive at a manufacturing firm quit his job for better pay in 2017. When things were not working well at his present organisation (also in the same field), he decided to contact his past company’s human resources (HR) manager who was a friend. Came the curt reply, “We do not hire former employees any more.”

On one hand, while skilled workers are in short supply, several corporates are now taking a stand to not rehire ex-employees.

Though these companies do not publicly state this policy, employees are usually told at the time of resignation that he/she will never be eligible for a re-appointment.

This is not applicable to staff who are retrenched due to financial constraints at an entity, but only for employees who quit to join another company or pursue higher education.

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