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Re frame-Revise -Refocus -Rinse & Repeat

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If Failure Defeat You Defeat Failure

As May be you are too good to be understood beyond Today

It is through failure that famous individuals were able to learn, grow and ultimately succeed. We know this about ourselves but even as we learn to accept our own failures, sometimes we don’t recognize that the most successful people in the world have had an abundance of failure.Thus there are thousands of mantra for failing however what about defeating failure just be there till the last while in the meantime let go the Past Amen !

Re-frame-Revise -Refocus -Rinse & Repeat

When you are in the professional arena you dress up to hit best of centuries however the very feeling of coming out clean bowled which you never planned helps in a big way to play your next matches with best foot forward .I am quite sure the best way to lead on is not to blame on the pitch but taking responsibilities for defeat and gain learning though  pitch also played a role however remains same for eveyone is’nt .Work life -I am quite sure while you sit & reflect somewhere others clever approach towards you  treat as nothing but your fault isn’t -yes though might not accept but taking responsibilities of wrong done and accepted in shape of failure is a choice you make as reasons beyond control-What to mark is marking others strength area as learning opportunity !!

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