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Re/Max CEO’s networking advice to young people: Surround yourself with different ages, job titles and even personality types

By | Annika Kim Constantino |

You probably have a lot in common with your friends. Maybe you’re around the same age, or maybe you work in similar fields. You might even share some personality traits. 

One major CEO’s advice to young people who want to grow their careers: Surround yourself with people who specifically don’t fit that bill, too.

“Seek those that are different, the ones that may not align with all of the components of who you are,” Nick Bailey, CEO of the international real estate company Re/Max, tells CNBC Make It. “Those relationships, those connections you make with those people could be good for your growth.”

A 2008 study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships conducted more than 300 lab and field investigations to find that people are often attracted to individuals who are similar to themselves in some way. They’re also attracted to individuals who they perceive as similar to themselves, whether or not they actually are.

But you shouldn’t follow that instinct blindly, says Bailey, who manages more than 600 employees across a company with a $477.15 million market cap, as of Thursday morning. He says you can actually benefit from connecting with people with different ages, jobs or personalities: They can share diverse roadmaps, strategies, experiences and fresh perspectives that can help further your professional growth.

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