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Re-Positioning Industrial relations

Source | LinkedIn : By Anil Kaushik

Stretch of Delhi- Jaipur highway in NCR has  written the history of industrial development. With growth of manufacturing sector in this belt with overall economic development of different section of society but  last decade has been into limelight not for very good reasons particularly in terms of employee relations.  It has come on surface that There is no single time tested formula which could guarantee the industrial peace and harmonious employee relations. There have been certain theories propounded to maintain excellent industrial relations but with changing times such theories have not cleared the test.  And so,we all need to look for developing other strategies.

 RE-POSTIONING IR WITH CHANGING TIMES gains relevance in this back ground. Organisations and HR professionals have to develop tailor made solutions to their people issues rather than going for copy paste exercise.

I would like to mention few examples which may compel you think in different direction.

One female CHRO of a renowned manufacturing organization shared with me personally that   her directors do not like her participating in HR professional forums and public platform and discuss IR strategies and also share something about the organization policies. This indicates the mindset of Business house, still believing in managing employees discreetly with less transparency and expect HR person to manager the employee relations.  The question is can we do it in isolation?

Next is the story of a multi-location manufacturing organization having a policy of engaging people on their permanent rolls and they keep around 82% of their people as permanent on company rolls. About only 18% employees are engaged as temp/ or third party roll. They are enjoying excellent industrial relations since long time. This clears the myth that to maintain good IR, organization should always keep the permanent employees at lowest level and do business with temp. work force.

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