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Re-visualizing Human Resource Functions

Source | | Lokesh Nigam

Re-visualizing Human Resource Functions

Often in my experience, while working with the human resource functions at the client-end, I have found a lot of preoccupation with tasks, that take the bulk of HR professionals’ time – acquiring, managing, developing, and deploying talent. Working with business leaders to remove roadblocks for business continuity and growth takes away the time of business partners, CHRO’s, as also the COE functions. A lot of people would say, well, this is the task of the HR function – playing a strategic role in “resource” related requirements.

On the other hand, HR functions are becoming increasingly technologically-savvy in the last decade or so – automating tasks and implementing technology for nearly every transaction in the HR life cycle, and so working intensely on the employer brand and employee experience – to ensure attraction and retention of the right talent.

“Human resources function today is far more pro-active and far more business savvy than it used to be. What then is there to re-visualize? Human Resource specialists today also think more entrepreneurially, accepting challenges, and bringing in new ideas, that certainly is best for the companies, they work in.”

While the technology and new age practices, coupled with newer trends have all been focusing on employee experience, the focus if we closely observe – still remains on “management”. For organizations and human resource functions, that want to break the glass ceiling, they must realize that management is a myth. The lesser you manage; better are the outcomes you desire. This in a sense is counter-intuitive to our common beliefs and practices.

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