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Reaching your dream…. 10,9,8…

By | Pratima Jagadeesh | HR Strategist | Professional Life & Business Coach | Speaker || Crecers Academy || SecPod || Glassbeam

Imagine you were boarding a time machine today. You get on to your seat, fasten your seatbelt and sit back, all set to go back and forth in time. You turn the knob to 2035 and boom! There you are! “Welcome to 2035” A voice echoes behind you. In 2035, you are happy, and content and seem to be getting ready for an eager day at work. Okay, get back to reality! It’s just a dream!

Wait, not really! What you saw in that dream could be an astronaut, a pilot, a doctor, a teacher, whatever, but a future you!

We all have dreams to be that someone who can change the world in some way and do something out of the ordinary. But do we all for sure know what path to take to be there, in that place where you are booming with passion and enjoy each day being an employee or an entrepreneur.

Some of us feel that we could never achieve to be in a certain field or profession, given the marks on our report cards today.

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