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Read This If You Are Tired Of Finding Excuses For Your Inconsistency

By | Natasha Zo |

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You are the main factor limiting the growth of your business because of your fears, limiting beliefs, inability to focus, and inconsistency. Three years into running my first business, one thought sits deeply with me: I might have the best strategies, yet nothing would work until my habits (or the lack of those) stand in the way.

On a journey of teaching myself consistency, I wanted to share a few of my findings:

1. How many things are you trying to be consistent with?

I’m trying to test new digital networking strategies in addition to dedicating time regularly to building products, keeping up with social media games, and more. About 15 times during my workday I say to myself: “This is it, now I just need to do this ONE thing EVERY DAY and the result won’t take long to show up.” I create spreadsheets for tracking this new process I came up with. The issue is I’ll probably never open most of those spreadsheets ever again. 

You can’t start exercising, eating healthy, reading before bed, and dedicating time to your passions all in one day. Consistency is friends with focus and best friends with priorities. 

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – The Rock

2. Make a decision

One day, almost 5 years ago, I decided to train for a marathon. It took me 8 months and 9 days from the day the decision was made until I crossed the finish line. 

For 8 months and 9 days, I did not care about any external conditions. I trained through pouring tropical rains until the point I was running in water up to my ankles. I kept the schedule during family vacations halfway across the world. I left every party at 11pm, even If I just got there at 10pm. I organized my eating, sleeping, and working schedules around running.

The day I decided to train, I also decided on how I would do it and set a schedule. I calculated what time I needed to wake up to do all that and set alarms. There was no rethinking and adjusting the plan to weather family vacations or any other factors. 

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