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Reading Can Improve Your Health and Wealth

Source | LinkedIn : By Michael Semple

The Beginning

Welcome to what i would say could be a interesting topic, health and wealth go together.

I am going to look at Self Help Books and Video’s i have Read, that i think can get you into a Healthy state of mind and body and thus improve your ability to gain additional wealth.

These Books and Video’s are available in most book shops under the section “Self Help”.

Why Do We Read Self Help Books

QUESTION….Why Do We Read Self Help Books???

I think as we grow older in life, we lose the direction of where we are going, when your young your elders tell you how, what, where, when, and why we do things, but sadly thier advice can be flawed by no fault of thier own.

In todays world, we are faced with many worries in the 21st centuary from unemployment, the lack of money, cost of living, divorce, separation, sexuality, faith, alcoholism or terrorist activity etc.,  all these troubles can leave us having sleepless nights, feeling depressed, getting paranoid or in some cases taking of one’s own life.

Its a sad fact but the attitude used to be and still is to some people, he or she just wants attention, why dont you grow up, drama queen ect

We each have a inner voice that chatters to us all day, this is a normal human condition but if these inner voices get too loud, keeping you from doing your normal work or activities, you could be on the verge of a nervous breakdown or overloading of the brain.

When we are inundated with work or domestic worries, that inner voice reacts and it can affect our self esteem, lack of confidance, becoming irritable, becoming reclusive ect

By self critism, im a loser, im a waste of space, no one likes me, no one loves me…..ect

As a Qualified NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic-programming) basically we are trained in the pattern of thoughts and beliefs and ways to change them to improve the clients well being. During the training process we are giving intensive guidance on how the brian (left and right) work and communicate together.

We all during the training experience had to deal with our own personnal issues which exposed us to others on our fears, beliefs and mental hold ups, this was a great lesson because what you think is the problem that stops or holds you back is usually not the case, the stopper or hold is usually something we have forced ourselves to forget and only by the intervention of my fellow NLP practitioners was i able to face the demon (stopper) and accept it and thank it. By the action of thanking it allows you to move on with life.

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