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Are you ready for Coaching – a 3 Step Check

Source | LinkedIn : By Ameet Mattoo

Everybody needs Coaching. Period.

As Albert Einstein puts it – no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it – In Organisations or as Individuals, having someone come in with a neutral paradigm is so important to bring in objective understanding, reflecting thinking and holistic problem solving.

The only question that then needs to be answered is, Are you ready for it?

And this coaching can be the standard Exec / Manager coaching or Organisational Consulting (Consulting for Organisation Development) or Group Coaching.

In my years of consulting practice, I have developed a simple 3 step test, aimed at uncovering the beliefs of the leaders to check for their readiness for consulting work. Every consultant must do this check.

As a Leader, even you can check these 3 beliefs of yours and test yourself for your readiness.

1. I may not know it all:

Most leaders tend to believe that they fully understand the problems that are effecting their organisation. They have confidence in their point of view. However, what they don’t realize is that what they see is only as it appears from where they are and is based on their own subjective perspectives. Their comprehension of what they see, is in relation to the paradigms or filters that exist in their mind. However, there could be more to what meets the eye: as seen and understood by others who operate from their own respective perspectives and paradigms.The multiple realities that exist in organisations and groups.

Secondly, the current reality is made up of not only what people do, but also what they think and how they feel. And in most environments, people hardly ever fully share what they think; and in the professional set-ups, people surely don’t speak about how they feel. In fact, most people themselves may not be fully aware about how they feel and hence we miss out on important data – the feeling data.

Only when the leader comes to believe that there could be more happening in the organisation than they know about, are they ready for the Consulting Process. Since by being available for such a possibility, the leader is willing to listen to the collective consciousness of the group.

2. I may not have all solutions:

Leaders need to have humility to accept that they may not have all the solutions. Unfortunately, many leadership theories try to create a “Hero” out of the leader – the all knowing being, who should have all the answers and all the solutions.

It also comes from the perception of power position they are in, where they believe that since they are in such a power position, they ought to have all answers – a very feudal mindset.

Only when the leader is willing to give-up this “Hero” position and accept that others can also contribute to the solution, any kind of co-creation can happen. Co-creation is an essential step in the process, as it taps into to collective intelligence of the group.

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