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So, how ready are you to make that career switch???

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People change jobs all the time. In fact, Singaporeans are among the most frequent job hoppers in the world. On the other hand, changing careers is a different matter, all together. Very often, people who are dissatisfied with a job, may take up just about anything that comes their way. And in so doing, can end up with career histories that look inconsistent, prompting questions from future employers later on.

Money may be one of the key motivators for people wanting to change jobs… However, as cliched as it is, the old adage “money won’t buy you happiness” is something worth bearing in mind. Even in careers that involve a considerable amount of money, if you don’t have a passion for your profession, you may not be very good at it.

In fact, some Singaporeans who decided to pursue a passion or a life calling – such as ex-lawyer Vanessa Kenchington, who started a thriving bakery chain, ex-model Stephanie Chai who has raised millions for her promising travel booking tech startup Luxe Nomad, and ex-trader Lena Sim, currently running Ministry of Food, a chain of restaurants selling Japanese and Western food – all walked away from good money.

So how do you decide if you need a career change? The following are four simple questions to consider, which I had used when switching my career from being a Pharmacist to an HR Practitioner… perhaps they may also be considered for you…


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