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What’s the Real Difference Between Leadership and Management?

The distinctions between managing and leading people impact your professional purpose. Here are five aspects that set them apart

By | Tiffany Gaines |

Having managed a roster of entertainers and public figures for over a decade, I know firsthand what it is to delegate and advise based on what I consider is best for the client’s overall growth, foundation and structure.

But coaching and mentoring nearly 5,000 musicians, producers and managers and over 50 record-label owners to ensure they learn the fundamentals of how to succeed in the music industry changes the tone of my role altogether. The first scenario allows me to manage situations as they arise by directing solutions to a team or individual whereas the latter requires vision and action developed with the client.

Now, let’s consider the obvious differences between leadership and management. Here are five key distinctions between the two and how you can learn to make your role lean in favor of purpose.

1. Leaders inspire and teach while managers give direction

Leaders lead with purpose and perception. Prior to mentoring or teaching their mentees, many have a goal already set in their minds to inspire a team or an individual to turn his or her vision into a reality. Leaders tend to think outside the box and ignite the same passion within their mentees through insight, creativity and intuition.

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