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Realising your ‘people potential’ through skills gap analysis | Bev Da Silva

In today’s evolving workplace, the ability to rapidly develop skills has never been more critical. A comprehensive skills gap analysis can be a game-changer, helping you to unlock your organisation’s (and your people’s) full potential. To understand the impact of robust skills analysis, we’ll look at its significance, implementation, and how it can benefit employees and employers alike.

At a glance: what exactly is a skills gap analysis?

A skills gap analysis is a thorough assessment that carefully gauges an employee’s existing skill set in relation to the skills required within an organisation or team. Its purpose is more than simply evaluation; it also establishes individuals’ precise skills development needs, ensuring they remain competent and proficient in their roles. The responsibility for conducting skills gap analysis usually rests in the hands of HR and L&D teams, who often turn to learning management systems (LMS) to streamline the process and outcomes.

How can a skills gap analysis empower your organisation?

How can a skills gap analysis empower your organisation?

Skills gap analysis is a powerful tool for nurturing talent and achieving success; here are five meaningful ways it can benefit your organisation:

  1. Identify development needs: by promptly recognising skill gaps, organisations can offer relevant and targeted training opportunities, nurturing employees to reach their highest potential and helping you to ensure continuity and success
  2. Unleash hidden potential: skills gap analysis identifies key…

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