Realistic example of Pathetic Management in today’s start-ups.

Source | Linkedin | Denis Antony | Talent Acquisition Manager at Rapido – India’s Largest Bike Taxi

“Management is an art of getting things done through people formally organised. Important factor is to manage forecast and to plan accordingly, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control.” But when it fails, it damages the org structure.

When the Qualities of the great Managers fails its difficult to control the damage.

Below are some of the facts picked from different sources.

1.   There are no clear-cut processes aligned with the company policies.

2.   No proper induction planned for any new on-boarding.

3.   Hiring process is not set right and the management lives on their own assumptions.

4.   There are no proper KRA’s and KPI’s set for the resources they hire.

5.   They hire a right person for an unmatched role and some people have been fired / demoted with immediate effect. This causes mental trauma besides the obvious financial, time and efforts lost in vain suddenly not just to the individual but to her/his entire family! This can never be compensated for.

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