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Reasons Why Leaders Want Validation vs. Honest Feedback

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Have you ever worked for a leader who wanted validation instead of honest feedback? Leaders who don’t want real feedback often ask for feedback. Yet when you give it to them they snap back at you. Surprise! What they actually wanted was validation. So why do they want validation and why didn’t they just ask for it?

5 Reasons Some Leaders Want Validation vs. Honest Feedback

For thirty years of consulting I have seen leaders resist honest feedback even though they asked for it. They ask employees for their views and then snap back at those brave enough to give it. In many cases what the leaders wanted was validation of their views, decisions, and leadership. So why do some leaders resist honest feedback?

Because they …

  1. Believe that it makes them look weak to get and use input from others. They are mistaken. They look weak when they seek validation.
  2. Are not confident enough to accept what feels like criticism. Yet, they need to accept criticism to build a culture of honest feedback.

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