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3 reasons your recruiter ghosted you, according to a hiring pro

By | Jennifer Liu |

When Deven Lall-Perry was laid off from her recruiter job at a startup earlier this month, she was pretty confident she’d land another gig quickly.

As a hiring pro herself, she knows just how much of a candidate’s market we’re in. May marked six straight months of more than 11 million job openings, and 12 straight months of more than 4 million people voluntarily quitting their jobs, according to labor data.

That doesn’t mean Lall-Perry didn’t face her fair share of recruiter ghosting, though.

Pretty soon after she lost her job, she went through her LinkedIn messages and got in touch with at least a dozen people who’d cold-messaged her recently about a job opportunity. She wasn’t always that interested in the opportunity itself, but opened herself up to each one knowing it would be a numbers game.

“I put myself in several [hiring] processes knowing more than half I may never hear back from,” Lall-Perry tells CNBC Make It.

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