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Rebuilding a Meaningful Career

Source | LinkedIn : By Satish Vaidyanathan

Today PayPal India Development Centers in Bangalore and Chennai are launching “RECHARGE“, an iconic program that welcomes back to work, women who have taken a break from their careers. Women with technology, product and program management experience are invited to join the program. To know more about Recharge, visit #backtocode

I see this as a powerful initiative that can be a strong model for other companies, industries and even public institutions to adopt. Such programs create an inclusive and highly diverse workforce that can deliver immense value to customers and create far-reaching impact to the communities.

Aligning your inspirations to your aspirations is very important.

If you are looking to rebuild your career or simply trying to introspect for yourself, I would like to propose this little mind-mapping exercise which could be very effective. Below is a template you can use and draw this on a piece of paper or use a mind-mapping tool like xmind to come up with this view.

The recipe to rebuilding a meaningful career has four key ingredients.

1. Priorities

It’s important for you to sort your priorities out. These are responsibilities you need to carry out and the most significant elements of your life. Examples are: spending time with family, wellness and healthy diet etc. Some priorities do not change, but some change as your life evolves. Knowing your priorities is important because you know what not to compromise on, and what you can live without. Have at most 4-5 priorities, having more than that is quite draining.

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