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Rebuilding Advertising for the Post-Digital Age

Source | LinkedIn : By Tom Goodwin

Digital hasn’t come smoothly to advertising. We’ve made the error of flash micro-sites, done silly things on Twitter and had a few missteps into consumer-generated content. But looking at the world now, it seems we’ve finally understood it all.

In a world where where Chief Digital Officers appear on all agency websites, where we’ve done promoted tweets, leveraged Instagram, and we’ve delivered cans of Coke to needy workers via drone, we can surely all sit tight and knowing we’ve grasped the new world of advertising.

I’ve sat at 5 events this year and seen my Uber quote (see left) used to explain the great changes in the world. Yet for all the endless chat at conferences, the proclamations in the industry press and all the banter about change, the reality is we’ve bolted new digital supply specs on the end of our pre-existing processes.  We’ve done the smallest things and made the biggest noise about it.

In fact, generally speaking our vision is smaller than ever. We’ve taken pre-existing ad units from the past, reduced the size, taken off the volume, removed a few seconds and called it mobile preroll and celebrated.

Our industry is the best industry to work in, I’m lucky at Havas to work with the smartest people around, on the best challenges of a lifetime, in the most interesting time to be alive. We have an abundance of new things to do.

The power of the future comes from the amazing things that are possible and EXTRA. A technology like smartphones ( with location data, contextual information, gyroscopic accelerometers, is the best platform you can imagine for advertising)

VR allows a whole new canvas, a chance for viewers to pick what they see, to interact, to be immersed.

It’s just like electricity.

And here lies the best parallel: It’s not unusual in technology leaps to think you’ve understood the power of the new when you haven’t. We thought the beauty of music as MP3 files was the ability to store more music, when in hindsight it was about streaming any piece of music ever made. We thought the wonder of the mobile phone was making phone calls anywhere, when in fact it was a personal gateway to the Internet.

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