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Rebuilding the Learning function: a ring-side view

Source | LinkedIn : By Kaustav Chakravarthy

It is increasingly clear that the world of business is pivoting yet again, but this time with Learning at its center.

I had the privilege of chairing a panel discussion on ‘Rebuilding the Learning Function’ at the 2016 CLO Summit at Mumbai a few days ago. My fellow panelist was Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Vice President and Head of Learning Governance at Reliance.

As the panel kicked off, the first thing we did was to expand the scope of the discussion to include ‘building’ and ‘reshaping’ to the original agenda of ‘rebuilding’. Many of the tactics applied to ‘rebuilding’ are also applicable to situations where the Learning function needs to be built up from scratch, and in every CLO’s continuous reshaping of the function to stay closely aligned with the organization’s strategic direction.

The presentations and discussion that followed were quite lively. While Dr. Singh spoke eloquently about Learning’s role in building the Exponential Organizations of the future, my presentation focused on what we can do today as corporate Learning leaders to continuously build, rebuild and reshape the Learning function and stay closely aligned with our organizations’ evolving strategic priorities in a world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

The VUCA world: seven turbulence factors affecting companies globally

In the book ‘Chaotics’ (Amacom, 2009), authors Philip Kotler and John Caslione pointed out that the world is becoming an increasingly uncertain and turbulent place, where businesses must respond proactively, innovatively and boldly to survive and grow. They predicted seven key turbulence factors that would have a significant influence on the business world.

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