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Recent Grad? 7 Credit Card Tips You Should Know

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Now, you are done with college and ready to face the ‘real’ world.

One of the first things you will have to tackle is setting up a base for your financial life – you’d have to find a full-time job, rent a home, start making plans for retirement and on top of this begin repaying your student loan.

And in the mist of that, you are going to decide how to leverage credit cards to build a solid financial base for yourself – this is no mean feat, and you must keep your head to make the right choices.

According to recent research, millennials are shying away from credit cards – they favor debit cards over credit cards – this is unconnected to the high consumer debts burden on the older generation. But the truth is a credit card, responsibly used can play a part in a healthy overall financial plan.

Opening a credit account now could be a smart move that sets you up for favorable rates in the future when you would be ready for those big purchases like taking out a mortgage loan for a new home, buying an insurance plan, to down payment for a car. So you see, you don’t want to be handicapped when it’s time to negotiate for these purchases.

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