RECORD VIEWERSHIP – www.humanengineers.com attracts record – 1.46 million hits in August 2017

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor & Founder www.humanengineers.com

www.humanengineers.com was first conceived about 2 years ago and the seeds were sowed in Aug 2015. However it went operational / live on 15 Dec 2015.

In the 2 years since it was conceived, www.humanengineers.com has made steady progress and till date, we have 6000+ posts published on the website including around 980 videos. 

We are pleased to inform that we have attracted RECORD VIEWERSHIP in Aug 2017.

Highlights  of Aug 2017:

Viewership record for the whole month

  • Unique Visitors : 27,827
  • Visits / Visitor : 57,519 (2.06 visits / visitor)
  • Nos of Pages viewed : 263,397 (4.57 pages / visit)
  • Nos of Hits : 1,464,080
  • Average nos of Unique Visitor / day : 898 unique visitors per day
  • Average nos of Visits / day : 1855 visits per day
  • Average duration spent per visitor : 427 seconds
  • Visitors from Country :
    • United States – 166,226 pages, 963,371 hits
    • India – 25,459 pages, 176,697 hits
    • Great Britain – 20,929 pages, 52,225 hits

Its truly gratifying to see the progress and the support we have received from around the world. Great to see that we have greater support from US and Britain than India.

We have more writers/authors & sponsors from US & Britain contributing to the website than Indian writers / authors & sponsors.

We would like to THANK all of our readers, visitors, subscribers, authors, patrons, sponsors and well wishers for their support to www.humanengineers.com  for without your support we would not have achieved this milestone.  

Thanks to my team members Urvish Kadia who has been with us since inception and Akshat Hegde for their belief in this journey and their unstinting commitment & support, without which we couldn’t have achieved or reached this milestone.

Its our endeavor to aggregate & build a repository of knowledge in Business & Human Resources to help manage the People side of Business.

Watch out, we have some exciting plans for the future as we work towards taking the Portal to greater heights. 

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.



As per our cPanel AWstats records




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