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By | Ramran

For those who want to record teaching videos or want to record computer screens to share with friends, you will definitely need to use recording software tools. There are many tools out there and here we will introduce a new but stunning one – Recordcast. There is no need to download and install it because it is web browser based. All you need to do is to open the browser to record. It has almost anything that a regular screen recorder need to have.

Why choose this online recording tool?

Anyone who has used other video recording tools should know that the free version does have some limitations about the highest image quality, how long the video can only be recorded, etc., so in fact these free tools are not really free. They lack some functions. While Recordcast is really 100% free. The following picture shows its four major features:

It’s great to have all the options for full video recording. You can freely decide whether you want full screen + system sound, specific application + microphone, or full screen + microphone + system sound to meet the situations you may encounter.

And the built-in “video editing function” is also quite a plus point. Basically, after recording a whole video, there must be some parts in the middle that you want to cut, such as accidentally eating a screw, and you can edit it directly online. Download after finishing, no need to use other software.

Step 1-Open the website

After opening the Recordcast website, you can start to set up recording (Start Recording) without installing anything.

Step 2-Select the recording screen

There are three options provided, “screen + video camera”, “screen only” or “video camera only”.

Step 3-Select the recording source

There are four recording source options, “microphone + system sound”, “microphone”, “system sound” or “no audio”.

Step 4-Set the content to be recorded

Then this prompt window will pop up, and then the Chrome browser will pop up a screen that lets you select the recording content. If you don’t want to pop out every time, you can tick Don’t show again in the lower left corner, and then click Got it.

The options provided are “Entire Screen”, “Application Window” and “Chrome Tab”.

The application window will show what you have currently open. If you only need to record a certain application screen, then choose this one, so that switching to other applications during the recording process will not be recorded. The same is true for page pagination.

Step 5-Start recording

After everything is set up, the screen will start recording, and the tab will also show that it is recording. To stop recording, press the red square in the middle, and there is also a button to pause recording.


There will also be a stop sharing function at the bottom of the screen. Clicking this one will also stop recording immediately.

Step 6-Download recorded videos and online clips

After recording, remember to play it online and check it, and then press the Download and Edit button below. The format of the downloaded movie is .webm.

Step 7-Video editing and transcoding

Whether you need to edit or not, after you click the Download and Edit button, you will enter the video editing interface. The arrangement is similar to most editing software, and those who have used it should be able to get started quickly.

In addition, if you want to download videos in MP4 format, you can convert them.

In the function part, you can upload the materials you want to use, add text, modify the background, free online materials, and transition effects.

After editing is complete, click Export in the upper right corner to export and convert, but you need to register as a member (free).

Provides three resolution options of 480p, 720p and 1080p. The format after the download is selected is .mp4.

To sum up

So, if you have any need for screen recording, RecordCast could be one of the best options. It is fully functional and 100% free. And it has a video editing tool, and you can even download high-resolution videos.


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