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Recruiting in the Digital Age: Must-have tools and tactics for HR

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It’s a digital world. Here’s some advice from guest poster Michael Overell, CEO and founder of RecruitLoop (an online platform of independent recruiters) on how today’s HR pros can survive – and even thrive – in this ever-changing recruiting wilderness.  


To remain competitive — and even pull ahead in your industry — it’s essential your HR department stays ahead of the digital curve. This is no easy task when it seems like new technology and tools pop up every other day. But if you can understand the current trends, you’ll have a much stronger ability to keep your recruitment strategy relevant.

We’ve seen a few major trends in recruiting driven by changes in technology:

  • Candidate sourcing has become a distinct profession. Almost every person has an online profile that often replaces a résumé. As a result, you can find an incredible amount of information about almost anyone online.
    In recruiting, this dynamic has driven the emergence of a distinct activity called sourcing. Sourcing involves proactively identifying and qualifying potential candidates for a role, regardless of whether they’re actively looking for jobs.
    This is very different from recruiting. Sourcers don’t usually work with hiring managers. It’s a complementary role, but one that often functions separately. It’s also usually a technical, research-driven job that requires the creativity to know where and how to search for unique talent.
    This role has developed into an entire category of professional sourcers, with its own conferencesand meetup groups focused exclusively on the activity of sourcing.
  • New technology focused specifically on sourcing. Following the emergence of “The Sourcer,” there has been an explosion of specific tools and technologies to aid this work. This ranges from profile aggregators, like Aevy and Entelo, to tools that search the web for a person’s email address like Email Hunter.
    Sourcers and recruiters are investing heavily in any of these tools that will give them an edge in identifying, contacting, and engaging top talent.
  • Inbound marketing practices are being applied to recruiting. Inbound marketing aims to attract customers through compelling content that builds trust and awareness, rather than through interruption-style advertising. The trend was pioneered by companies like HubSpot and has come to dominate the field of digital marketing over the past 10 years.
  • Innovative companies are applying inbound marketing to their recruiting pipelines. They’re using quality content to attract potential candidates, building communities of people engaged in their brand, and slowly nurturing them over time to a point where they may be interested in a specific job opening.
  • Employer branding is forced on companies of all sizes. Employer branding was once limited to the biggest companies and budgets and envied by smaller companies at HR conferences around the world.
    Now companies of all sizes are forced to take their employer brand seriously, thanks to tools like Glassdoor, which are bringing unmatched — and sometimes uncomfortable — levels of transparency to the employee experience.
    Employer branding has become a price of entry in the battle for talent. This can be an opportunity and a threat. If you develop a bad reputation, potential employees will know, and they will likely avoid your company.

    Sixty-nine percent of people say they wouldn’t even consider a job at a company with a bad reputation if they were unemployed                                                                                                                                                                                                       Readon…

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