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Recruitment VS Talent Acquisition: Know The Difference!

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People often use the terms recruitment and talent acquisition interchangeably. But the fact is that both the terminologies are not really synonymous. And this is why we felt the need to get the facts straight and write down the differences between the two concepts for our readers to have a better understanding. 

Founder and President of says “Talent Acquisition is more focused on the strategic side of tougher positions to fill.

There are various other postulates and reasoning’s that industry experts have presented to draw a line between the two ways of hiring  and selection in an organization. Let’s have a look at the basic definitions of both the concepts. Later on, the blog will throw light on some of the major differences between the two expressions in a more structured and clear way.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment management is the process of searching for, evaluating and hiring experienced and qualified people to fill an existing vacancy at a company or organization. It usually follows a specific, pre-defined recruitment process that is highly standardized and typically implemented in periods of expansion or due to staff turnover. 

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition is similar to recruitment in the sense that it shares the same aim of finding the best people to work for your company. But whereas recruitment tends to be a very standardized, reactive process, talent acquisition is all about the long game of your company. It involves a more flexible and dynamic approach from your recruitment team and a broad understanding of the long-term strategic aims of your business.

Now that the meanings of recruitment and talent acquisition are understood, it’s time for explaining the distinction between the two.

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