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Redefining How Enterprise Operations are Centred on Employees

Source : The RED Mark

Managing the workforce is a tough job; ask any HR person and they will all have the same tale of woes: how difficult it’s to manage people and their work.

India is positioned number three globally in the startup space, and with the changing HR technology space, it’s expected to be the fastest growing segment in the country.

It was this opportunity plus the desire to be entrepreneurs one day, that brought this couple – Srinivasulu Mallampooty (Srini) and Maragathavalli Inbamuthiah (Maggie) – start ‘Employee Experts’.

“We always knew we would be entrepreneurs one day, as we were not made for the corporate rat race; and we knew our venture would be something to do with people. In 2010 we were looking at moving back to Bangalore but the opportunities that we came across were not interesting enough; by then Maggie too had quit Infosys. It was during this time that a friend approached us to build a performance management system, and we took the plunge,” says Srini.

Since then it has been an adventurous and inspiring journey, but definitely not an easy one. For starters, Employee Experts is an enterprise product company and is not into eCommerce, and what is amazing is that unlike today’s startups, which aims to become a unicorn company in record time, run after funding to keep them afloat, and with high burn rate, Employee Experts is purely self-funded, and extremely cost conscious (striving to put every penny to good use).

With a strong background in HR, Srini and Maggie, realised how people management is an under-served market, and it was only right that they started doing what they were good at — building a software platform to manage people and their work.

The first lines of code started from the corner office in their bedroom, overlooking the Yellamma Lake. In a couple of years, this was replaced by a whole floor in the SRIT building in Brookefield.

Both Srini and Maggie were in no hurry to launch a product pronto. “We kept the pace deliberately slow,” explains Srini. But of course, if you want to bring a product on par with other global products it only makes sense that you take time to build a scalable and complete product.

“More importantly we are tackling HR and employee operations in a different way that suits the modern, diverse, and digitally advanced workforce, much better than traditional ERPs. We also wanted to make ensure that we were giving the right form and shape to it. So, after almost five years of building and refining, we are ready to go out and talk about what we have been brewing in our backyard,” adds Maggie.

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