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Redefining the Role of Future CHROs in Hybrid Work Model

Source | | A Thiru

In the context of emerging Hybrid Work Model, wherein employee centricity has taken precedence over all other parameters which were hitherto considered as vital for organizational survival and growth, the role of CHROs no doubt will need to be redefined unearthed, not just by reinventing a fancy jargon or reimagining yet another falsehood.

The role of Future CHROs therefore needs to stem from the fundamental belief that genuine care and concern for employees is the only way forward sustaining inclusive growth amidst emerging competitors.

Safety (psychological) First: While employee well-being is going to be the primary driver of building a culture of competence, ensuring psychological safety of employees continually will be the key differentiator

Growth Mindset: Upgrading skill sets of employees on a continuous basis no doubt is vital for organisational survival, but a specific thrust to develop a strong growth mind amongst the key employees will definitely accelerate organisational growth.

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